New Immigrants to Canada

Obtaining help in dealing with Immigration Canada.

We can highly recommend Willis Brazolot & Co if you require help in in dealing with Immigration Canada. They are highly specialized in their business and have been honest and forthright in looking after their customers. Over the last 2 or 3 years we have been fortunate in providing accommodations for many of there customers and have always have had good reports on their service. You can reach them on the internet at: or by phone at: 450-458-2186.

Canada has an immigration policy that allows approximately 230,000 new immigrants into the country each year. Although the government encourages new immigrants to go to different parts of the country, the fact is that a great majority of these immigrants head for Ontario and in particular, Toronto, the countries largest city. It's not difficult to figure out why. Ontario is the economic engine of the country, for both money and industry. The center of this economic engine of course is Toronto. Canada as a whole can be best described as a multi ethnic, multi national people who exist extremely well together producing a country where all it's citizens live in harmony with each other. 

Most immigrants will be bringing with them cash and travelers cheques for their immediate financial needs and additional amounts to be deposited in a bank for their future needs. Canada has 6 or 7 major banks as follows:

            Royal Bank of Canada
            Bank of Nova Scotia
            Toronto Dominion Bank
            Bank of Montreal
            Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
            National Bank of Canada.

All of these bank are very large and very secure. In addition the government guarantees each account that you have, up to a limit of $100,000. All of these banks have branches close to us and to where you will be living in the future.

The following information has been collected over the last couple of years or so from the various new immigrants that we have helped in their first steps in Canada. You may be interested to know that we have had new immigrant families from the following countries:

England and the U.K.                           Slovakia                                  Venezuela
Brazil.                                                  Germany                                  Columbia
China.                                                  Japan                                       Guyana
Taiwan.                                                United Arab Emirates               Poland
India.                                                    Iraq                                         Ecuador
Saudi Arabia                                         Nigeria                                    New Zealand
Egypt.                                                   Hong Kong                             Jamaica
Ethiopia.                                                South Korea                           Turkey

South Africa.                                         Kenya                                     Singapore
Iran.                                                      Uganda

Romania                                                Pakistan

Obtaining your Social Insurance Number.

One of the most important documents that you require is your Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.). Before you can apply for this document, you require a permanent address and bank account. You will require a letter from the property owner stating that you have rented a residence. This letter along with your landing documents will allow you to open a bank account. You can then make your application to the government for your S.I.N. It will take about 4 weeks before you receive your S.I.N. The office for this is located at 700 Dufferin st in the Dufferin Mall, about 5 minutes from us.

The new Permanent Residence Card.

New immigrants to Canada are now required to obtain a Permanent Resident Card (P.R.C.) after there arrival. The P.R.C. will be sent to the address you specify when applying for your social insurance number and will probably take about 6 weeks before being received. The important thing to remember is that you will not be allowed back into Canada without this card if you travel outside Canada after your arrival. You can obtain more information by going to

Finding a job and accommodations

In most cases, you will be arranging employment after you arrive in Canada. From the time that you start sending your resume out to potential employers, attending 2 to 3 interviews, and finally finding suitable employment, you can expect this whole procedure to take about 2 months. Assuming that you would want to live reasonably close to where you will be working, finding an apartment or house would follow your employment. This means that you should arrange temporary accommodations for this period. This can be a B&B, hotel, motel etc. By far the most reasonable is a Bed & Breakfast.

Arranging for health coverage.

Canada has a wonderful health program across the country which is administered by each province. In Ontario this is called the Ontario Health Insurance Program or OHIP. Before you can apply for OHIP you must have all your papers in order that are required for Immigration. You must also show something to prove that you are actually living here. An active bank account is usually OK for this. You will not be covered for the first 3 months in Canada so you may wish to arrange private coverage for this period. You can obtain more information by going to

Applying for your drivers license.

The drivers license is a very important document for identification. The motor vehicles act covering driver tests etc are administered by the province of Ontario and in the last 2 or 3 years has been changed to a graduating system. This means that you no longer take one test and then obtain a license. The main test facility is at 7900 Airport road. We can drive you there when you are ready. For more information on this got to: We highly recommend that you bring your car insurance documents and a letter from the insurance company indicating your insurance record, with you on entering Canada. This could save you a lot of money when the time comes for you to buy a car.

The Canadian Education System.

Education in Canada is free and is administered by each province. In Ontario, the education system has two distinct systems within the one system. For those families who would like their children to attend a Catholic School, there is the Catholic school system. For everyone else, there is the Public system. Apart from the religious aspect, there is no difference between the two systems. You will be able to enroll your children in the school of your choice very quickly after you arrive. Minutes from our home, we have several Community Centers which offer many Children Programs, most of which are free of charge along with many adult free programs.

Your personal safety.

In Canada, we pride our selves on the fact that we can move around in relative safety. Generally speaking, this is true for just about everywhere. While we enjoy a much lower crime rate than in many counties, it is still best to be cautious, especially late at night.

Additional information.

For traveling around the city we recommend that you obtain a weekly pass for the Toronto bus transit system.

In preparing for your job hunting, you should change your resume to represent what is generally expected here in Canada. We can offer you office facilities here including internet connection or you can go to the YMCA, about 15 minutes from us. There you can receive tremendous help in your job hunting.

The Toronto Public Library is a large and comprehensive library. It also has many of the tools that you will need for job hunting.

There are is a very useful web site that you can access for information. This is:


From this site you will find links to just about anything you want to know.


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