All about your hosts, George and Maria.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           George was born and raised here in Toronto.  He was actually born in St. Josephs hospital which is located about 10 minutes from us.

Maria, (myself) born in England, lived in Malta (an Island close to Italy) and emigrated with my parents, to Canada in 1968.  Please see website for their very interesting story or for information on Bed and Breakfast in Mississauga.

After many years of friendship, my husband and I began a relationship and now have four children, ages from 15 to 24 and one grandson, 2 and a half years old.  We have been hosts for International students for 12 years, developing friendships with many people from all over the world.  During this time, we learned, we love to host and especially love conversing with other travelers, as we are traveler's ourselves.

George, works for Air Canada, and as such, has a benefit with traveling which we well use.  With this perk, we are very fortunate to stay in touch with our family, by visiting them in Australia, England, France and Malta.  Also, during the Winter, we like to do a short travel South or overseas, as we love the sun and beaches.  George has a great interest in sports, music, cars, especially antique cars and history.  Along with these interests, he is very knowledgeable with their history and when he has an opportunity, he loves to enjoy a game of golf.  :Please make inquiries if you would like to purchase a golf package, or arrange a game of golf.

Myself, not having the same knowledge as George when it comes to his interests, I do have a great love for music, cooking and entertaining,, However, Fitness is my Expertise and my passion I am a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor for all ages, specializing in the elderly and have been doing Fitness Consulting for about 10 years.  Please inquire on booking a Fitness Consultation, for a Personal Program Design or Session.  , My other area of love is in the kitchen.  I love to create with foods and feel a great reward when serving. 

My husband and I work well together as a team and at the end of our day, we look forward to spending time out in our garden to share the events of our day.  At times we do this by cooking at the barbecue, sitting by the fire, while relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine.



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